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How does probate work?

There can be terrific grief and pain at the loss of a loved one. Beyond grief and pain, when you add external stresses to the equation, you can have a disaster on your hands in very short order. Part of the responsibilities or duties of an executor or administrator of an estate can be to reduce the level of stress during the probate process.

At Stapleton Elder Law, we have helped many families at this stressful time, usually assisting the executor of the estate.

It's okay to ask for help.

It is essential that the representative work in concert with our firm, as we are experienced estate planning attorneys who can guide the representative or beneficiaries throughout this process...while avoiding potential landmines.

Or Avoid Probate Altogether

It’s important to note, though, that much or all of the probate process can be avoided through proper pre-planning using living trusts and other estate planning tools. Contact our offices and attend one of our informative free workshops to learn more about how you can plan ahead to avoid probate.

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